Earning Rates has been reduced for a few days! but why? Learn to read.

Hello Dear, Users!

Per Thousand/Earning Rates has been reduced for a few days! but why?
Answer:-You all users know that our site is New & Its Fresh Launch, So our Ads is not optimized This time,
so We need some time for optimizing Ads for our site for our Lovely Users! ♥ We Understand Your Feelings! & Love with UploadRive.
But Due to this problem, We Can't Provide Good Rates this time. But don't worry! we will try our Best!

How Much Time it Take for Fix Ad Problem?
Answer: We Don't Know. but We will try to finish this Till July 2019 End! ♥

After fixing this Problem How much Rates We get?
Answer: Its Totally Depend on Our Users! Traffic Quality! If we Recieve Good Traffic from our Lovely users Then we Set Our Price higher Then Other Sites!
Mean 26$+ With unlimited Speed, 15<< Sec Wait Time, 2 Pages for Download Only! (for Security reasons)

Thanks for Understand! ♥
If anyone Want any type of help! then Please Message me on FB or Email us!

Best ♥ Regards,
UploadRive - Feel The Light Of Speed!

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